Customizing the new Cowboy 4 and Cowboy 4 ST

We are really excited to see the two new models launched by Cowboy. We will do our best to find out everything you need to know to start customizing.

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Cowboy bike

You now can configure your bike with custom accessories by Cowboy. But to stand out from the crowd and really make it your own there are still some opportunities left.

The bikes will be delivered from September 2021, but we will announce compatible accessories or the C4 and C4 ST from August 2021.

For example with the integrated cockpit looks like there is only little margin to adjust the riding position. But we will deep dive into this and find a solution.

We are curious in what kind of accessories you are interested in. If you fill in the form below we will research the market and you are the first to hear when we have any news on compatible accessories.

Ciao! Jochem and Kevin

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