Abus Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500-85

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A fold-able and secure lock that does not get in the way of the Cowboy bike. It has a rubber coating that will keep the scratches off your precious Cowboy bike. Designed for securing your bike for as long as required. It is compact, easy-to-carry with the highest level of security. ART2 approved for insurance.


(Work in progress)
Notice: You can attach it at multiple points: Bottom of the top tube, the bottom of the lower tube (near the base) or on the side of the front wheels.
Take the lock out of the base. Unwind the Velcro strips so that one side is loose. Manually hold the lock in the desired position on the Cowboy bike and insert the loose end of the Velcro strip through the designated hole on the empty base. Combine the Velcro strips and you are good to go!