SKS Edge AL 28" 46 mm

Look for the 46mm (42 tire width) version. The 56 mm version is to wide.
Compatible with


The SKS Edge fenders are a must have for every Cowboy rider. The matt black look and angular profile make it look like they are integrated with your Cowboy bike. There are some Cowboy specific installation tips. We got your back, check the installation manual.


(Work in progress)
Notice: There are some slight installation differences between the Cowboy 1, 2 and 3. For the Cowboy 1, use a M6x20mm bolt to attach the front fender on the rear side of the fork. Make use of the longer stays (ment for the rear) for the front fender. You can use the shorter ones for the rear. For the Cowboy 2 and 3, use a M5x65mm bolt to attach the front fender to de front side of the fork. Use a longer bolt (65mm) for the front-fender.
For a step-by-step installation follow along with our video.